Optimized & Manufacturing-ready Solutions

For All Your Complicated Needs

We come up with fully customizable solutions for your need, we enjoy solving complicated problems and meet the highest requirements for your business

We are experts in blending, filling, labeling, packaging and shipping, we make sure your business is fully satisfied and do the most flexible and efficient delivery

Essential Oils - From 2ml to 30ml (0.067 oz. to 1 oz. )

We have finished thousands of copacking/private label Essential Oils bottling, packaging and shipping, our customers are CBD oils and pure essential oils.

We do bottling with our co-packers, we are doing copacking for essential oil industry, retail brands like vitamin shops, marketing companys

Sanitizer or Spray - From 60ml to 237ml (2 oz. to 8 oz. )

We do co-packing and private label for hand sanitizer, flavored sprays like coconut face mask spray. We fully customize your orders  for any liquid compounds as you request.

Our small to medium sized bottles best serve with sanitizers and sprays, and those bottles are always in our inventory

Cream/Roll-on products

We use these plastic tubes for topical cream products. We have this product ready for copacking or private label.

Our plastube works best with topical cream products

Capsule or Pills - From 30cc to 300cc (1 oz. to 10 oz.)

We do copacking and private labels for health food capsule or pills or fish oils, we are compactible for packaging your solid products need

Our small to medium to large size of bottles with children safe cap are always available in our inventory

Plastic Jars - 4 oz. or 32 oz.

We use them for honeys stick containers. We are ready for copacking for your business to use

Our Jars works great as solid food container

Foil bags

We pack different sizes of foil bags as your business needs. We use them for pet food packing.

Our foil bags are great for copacking solid food

Stick Packs

Stick packs can be filled with powders, liquids, gels, or creams.